Church Signs

by amadahyt

I think most people have a particular curiosity with church signs, sometimes maybe a morbid curiosity.  Some can be quite witty! Some are not….

On my way home from some assessments at the med center today (like every day!) I seen a church sign that read “Don’t Know God.  Read the Bible. C U Sunday.” I think it was the Church of the Brethren… I have no idea what that is.  At all.

These were my thoughts in the proper order:

1) Well that’s even more than less than unhelpful…

2) Seriously…. boards text now?  Write the whole message out you lazy ass

3) It doesn’t even say WHEN Sunday

4) Really, how rude is that.  Apparently the only way to know God is to read the Bible… in English.  I read that, it was not as helpful as you seem to think.  Maybe if I knew ancient greek it might be more helpful.

5) I don’t want to visit that church…